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Boiler not working?

Boiler Not Working? Here Are 6 Things You Can Check Yourself

If you're having problems with your boiler, here's a few basic things you can check yourself. Read on and it might just save you hundreds of pounds.. Read more


Boiler system

Guide to Getting Air Out of Your Heating System

Do you have air in your central heating system? Our easy to follow guide shows you how to get the air out safely and get your system working efficiently again.. Read more


Property Maintenance

Gas Safety Certificates and Records Explained

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding Gas Safety Certificates and Gas Safety Records, so we’ve written this post to help clear up any misconceptions.. Read more


Boiler Maintenance

The Potential Carbon Monoxide Dangers Linked with Boilers

Anything that is designed to operate at such high temperatures can present a potential danger, especially if it is poorly maintained, but we are going to be looking at one particular risk today. We will be going over the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning associated with home boilers.. Read more


Boiler Maintenance

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Boiler

Your boiler at home will benefit from being maintained well and serviced according to the manufacturer's guidelines. It will keep it highly efficient, performing its best, and working for longer.. Read more


Property Maintenance

5 Property Maintenance Tips for Landlords

As a landlord, maintaining your property will help your property retain its value and reduce the number of repairs you will need to carry out.. Read more